Investment Process

The results of an investment plan are inexorably linked to the process that led to its creation.

Our process is as follows:

  • Face to face meeting with the client
  • Collection of relevant information
  • Asset allocation, manager search, and selection assistance based on individual situation and goals
  • Assistance creating the Investment Policy Statement
  • Review and acceptance of Investment Policy Statement by the client       
  • Plan implementation assistance
  • Quarterly internal review of plan account
  • Quarterly face to face reviews with client
  • Portfolio adjustments as necessary

At Goldberg, Clouse & Edgell, we have created and refined an investment process that is consistent regardless of market conditions.  We design portfolios to meet specific objectives within the context of each situation.  We screen potential investments on both a quantitative and qualitative basis.  Whenever possible, we make site visits to meet the managers we recommend to our clients.  This allows us to see their operations firsthand and to “look behind the numbers” at a manager’s personality and temperament.  We feel this research is invaluable in the due diligence process.